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Conversation Sermon with Rev. Bill Roberts

Conversation Sermon with Rev. Bill Roberts

St. Mark's Church

time 8:00 am

April 8, 2018

On the Second Sunday of Easter, April 8, 2018, we’re going to have another Conversation Sermon with Father Bill at the 8 and 10:15 am services. The Bible passages pertinent to this interactive session include:  1 John 1:1-2:2 and John 20:19-31. (They can be found online in the link in our Home page footer to The Bible Gateway) Please bring your answers to the following questions:
1. How is God inviting me to change in this passage?
2. What did I learn from this passage?
3. What impressed or depressed, inspired or mired me?
4. What in this passage intrigued me?
And remember— you get to start the conversation!