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Meet Newt


Rev. F. Newton (“Newt”) Carpenter, Deacon

“A deacon is an ordained leader in the Church, serving as a prophetic, insistent voice that calls the attention of the Church to the needs of the world.”

I was born outside of New York City and spent most of my formative years along the eastern seaboard. After graduating college from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Political Science and International Studies (wanted to be an ambassador), I made my way to the Chicago area in 1978. Most of my business career has been spent in the area of Executive Sales and Business Development primarily within the “fragrance industry”. I am married with adult children and live in the surrounding Barrington area.

The call to “ordained ministry” came late in life. The process required a “formal” year of discernment, which is a period of exploration and dialog between an individual and the church to better understand and “flesh out” the call to “ordained” ministry. Thereafter comes acceptance by the bishop into the “deacon school”; three years of practical and academic study, which I completed while continuing my full time career. In addition to my duties at St Mark’s, I also serve, at the invitation of the bishop, on the Leadership Team for deacons. I have also been involved as a trustee for the Episcopal “agency” Bishop Anderson House, which among other activities, develops individuals for pastoral care leadership.

The motivating “drive” for my continued ministry is twofold: one is to answer God’s call to do my part in the world. The other, more specifically, is to do whatever possible to see that St. Mark’s administers the best possible “pastoral care” to those in need, offering spiritual care and emotional support both within and outside the church. We come to church to be nurtured for sure; but ultimately we are “here in community” to build our relationship with God. We are all called to do so by living into our baptismal covenant. That involves “work” in the world outside our doors and getting prepared and or trained to do it if necessary! However I can help, I will continue to do so!