337 Ridge Rd, Barrington IL 60010 | Phone: (847)-381-0596

St. Mark’s Day School


Mission Statement

St. Mark's Day School is a place where children want to be! We challenge children to discover their uniqueness, foster in children the joy of life-long learning, and provide a family-centered experience where parents and teachers partner to nurture each child's potential.

St. Mark's Day School has been servicing the families of the Barrington area for many years. Maggie Sandford, our new Day School Director is working on an exciting curricula for the fall. There have been many changes over the years but one thing remains unchanged, the reputation of St. Mark's as a leader in early childhood education. Curricula have been updated to reflect the changing needs of the community; the program for two year-olds has expanded to take the place of the of the kindergarten classes which were eliminated due to low enrollment related to the public school district's offering of all-day kindergarten. In addition, a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) based program for afternoon kinder care has recently been added. Dedicated staff and parents worked on fundraising for 3 years to enable the construction of a brand new playground area replacing the older equipment. Both inside and out, St. Mark's Day School continues to offer a warm, caring, and stimulating environment for preschoolers and after school kindergarten enrichment.


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