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St. Mark’s Guilds


Martha's Guild

Coordinated by Holly Dietz

"and a woman named Martha welcomed him into her house."

We are a ministry at St. Mark's which assists the parish through hospitality, care, and service. In addition to facilitating weekly coffee hour, we also provide refreshments for special church events such as the Bishop's visit, church picnics, Maundy Thursday dinner, Christmas Tea and a variety of seasonal get-togethers. Many hands are needed to coordinate and facilitate church events. The hospitality and organizational skills of all involved are an important part of fostering fellowship in the St. Mark's community.


Flower Guild

Coordinated by Bev Sweeney

This group of parishioners decorates St. Mark's on a weekly basis with the assistance of flowers from a local florist.  In addition to weekly altar flowers, the guild also imparts a memorable and unique touch to important events in the church year including Easter, Christmas, Pentecost and a variety of other celebratory days in the Church calendar.  We are indebted to these dedicated and gifted artists for much of the lovely ambiance of our sanctuary.


Altar Guild

This guild of approximately 20 members prepare the church for all services. In addition to our two Sunday services, weddings, funerals and baptisms are part of their scope of responsibility. Saturday duties include setting up the Eucharist and performing a light church cleaning. After Sunday services they conduct a clean and straighten up of the church. In addition to these weekly tasks they clean the church linens on a monthly basis. A more thorough cleaning and polishing of the church is conducted twice-yearly prior to Christmas and Easter services. Their work goes on primarily behind the scenes, but is an integral part of each and every service at St. Mark's.