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St. Mark’s Ministries


Music Ministry

Seth Luna, Director of Music

2017 is an exciting new year for the music ministry at St. Mark’s. New music director, Seth Luna is bringing fresh ideas and enthusiasm to our parish. Music will now supplement the unique worship experiences offered at our 8 am Sunday mass and our monthly Celtic mass as well as the 10:15 mass. Additionally, efforts are being made to address much needed repair issues in our aging Möller organ and toward the acquisition of an acoustic piano which will greatly improve our music abilities at St. Mark’s. Feel free to contact Seth Luna at sluna.stmarks@gmail.com about our volunteer choir and instrumental groups or with any other questions.


Fellowship Ministry

Moira Fearncombe

With two separate worship services, each with their loyal attendees, and a broad age range of parishioners, coming together in Fellowship becomes an important vehicle to get to know and appreciate one another. In addition to small group meetings, our congregation puts on brunches, lunches, and outings to places of interest. The Newcomer’s Luncheon, the, Mardi Gras Lunch, and the Between Service Brunch are just a few examples of many that have been put on in the last year. Providing opportunities to meet each other, welcome new friends and family, and provide support and interest truly knits us together as a congregation.

Fellowship Ministry Programs
Future Directions
Newcomer Welcome Committee


Communications Ministry

Leslie Bloss

Communication is an important part of St. Mark’s, both within the congregation as well as outside of our church. In addition to our internal communications, we have continued to broaden our reach utilizing social media tools to engage parishioners and non-parishioners alike.

Engaging our St Mark’s parishioners in the wider world as well as bringing fellowship, welcome, and inspiration to the virtual community is a continued challenge. We look forward to opportunities for crafting our message and expanding our footprint both within and outside the Anglican community.

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The Messenger

Monthly Newsletter (currently on hold)

The Epistle

Weekly Newsletter

To complement The Messenger, the Epistle was created to provide parishioners with a quick glance and reminder of activities in the church for the next week. In addition, worship schedules and responsibilities are published here as well as upcoming outreach and fellowship projects.


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A recent addition to our portfolio includes Instagram. Regular picture posting of church and parishioner activities as well as inspirational messages have allowed us to broaden our messages to a wider community.