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The Warden’s Corner – April


Written by David Eitel, Senior Warden

As I mentioned in last month’s Messenger, the vestry had begun what we call our “Appreciative Inquiry Process” which is a deliberate process that helps our mission to move St Mark’s from Institution to Movement. The vestry is very excited about the program areas identified. Right now we are in the midst of developing them and hope to share much more with the congregation as these projects evolve.

In addition, we are in the process of organizing our “commissions”. Commissions are areas of specific ministries and engagement with which each vestry member is affiliated. These areas may be overseen by parishioners/church staff, in which case the designated vestry members serve as liaisons. Other commissions may be headed up by vestry members themselves with assistance from parishioners. Some examples of these include Formation, Outreach, Communication, and Fellowship. Looking to the future, we will be drafting, for want of a better term, “job descriptions” for each Commission. This will assist us in developing meaningful objectives, encourage better communication and participation with parishioners and, in addition, provide for a very nice transition as vestry members move into and out of their service to our Parish.