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Living Compass


“Living Compass is a program that creates the opportunity for people to pause and check their bearings, to figure out ‘where they are’ and ‘where they are headed’ and to adjust their course as necessary.”

living-compassThese Wellness Workshops use a visual of an actual compass illustrating a person’s well-being in four dimensions- Soul, Strength, Heart, and Mind and how they are interconnected.  The goal of Living Compass is to provide individuals with a dynamic tool that will be useful in their search for balance and wellness in their lives.

Typically these small group workshops are organized around a theme, most recently Lent and prior to that, Advent, and run for approximately 6-8 weeks with weekly meetings accompanied by a daily devotional pamphlet. All are welcome to participate in one, some, or all of the components of these workshops.  Facilitator training has been undertaken by several St Mark’s parishioners, including Fr David Gibbons, and is available through the Chicago Diocese offices. We look forward to opening up future workshops to the broader Barrington community in addition to our own St Mark’s parishioners.


Pastoral Care

St. Mark's has a Pastoral Care Team to attend to the pastoral needs of parishioners who are temporarily sick, hospitalized or simply unable to addend the regular worship services. The team is comprised of both clergy, Rector and Deacon, and lay chaplains (Home Lay Eucharistic Ministers). The team will be offering layers of care - from periodic visits with communion, to follow up calls and cards! Please call the church office (847) 381-0596 to inquire about the Pastoral Care Team. In case of emergencies or after church hours, contact can be made directly to Rev. David Gibbons at the church office after-hours number.


Prayer List

If you would like someone placed on St. Mark’s prayer list, please contact the church office with your request at (847) 381-0596