Prayers for our current crisis

At this time, I commend making time to practice prayer. In contemplation, the prayer of the breath helps us find peace and calm, and reminds us we are all connected to the one source of all hope and joy, Christ Jesus, our Lord. 

I also commend these prayers for your use.

Fr. David Gibbons +

May we who are merely inconvenienced remember those whose lives are at stake.

May we who have no risk factors remember those most vulnerable. 

May we who have the luxury of working from home remember those who must choose between preserving their health or making their rent. 

May we who have the flexibility to care for our children when their schools close remember those who have no options.

May we who have to cancel our trips remember those that have no place to go.

May we who are losing our margin money in the tumult of the economic market remember those who have no margin at all. 

May we who settle in for a quarantine at home remember those who have no home.

Remember also, the first responders, Doctors, nurses and paramedics, as they care for others.

During this time when we cannot physically wrap our arms around each other, let us yet find ways to be the loving embrace of God to our neighbors. 



O God from whom we come to whom we go, we pray for the health and wisdom of your people. May all affected by the virus be healed and may its spread be stopped.  Help us to make wise decisions about our health and for all those we love. 

We pray for all the medical professionals, for those who are in hospitals and medical centers, urgent care facilities, infirmaries and health centers; for all caretakers in assisted living places and nursing homes. Also, for those who respond to emergencies throughout the day and night. Keep all health care workers safe and healthy. 

We thank you for all those who have dedicated their lives to studying medicine and wellness. May research continue to be expanded and vaccines be safely made available to all. 

Remind us, O Divine One, to remain calm, share our resources, and to wash our hands. Hear our prayers, O Lord, for continuing thoughtful and careful responses, with loving compassion for each other. 


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The mission of St. Mark's is to inspire people to be disciples of Jesus through worship, formation, and ministry in the world.

Are you looking for answers to spiritual or faith questions?  St. Mark's provides a loving community in which to seek those answers, frame new questions and learn to experience God's all-encompassing, all-inclusive love for creation, which includes each, and every one of us. 

We believe that Jesus showed us the nature of God as loving, compassionate and forgiving.  Jesus invited everyone he met into a growing awareness that we are all part of God's loving participation in our world.  The community of St. Mark's fosters a connection with God and with each other through our mutual care, fellowship, worship and outreach.

Please feel free to contact us for further information and if you decide to pay us a visit, we promise to make you welcome!

Rev. David Gibbons +

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