st. Mark's Clergy

Experienced, compassionate, accepting of all

  • The Rev. David Gibbons


    Born in London, the son of an Anglican minister, I grew up and went to school in Portsmouth, on the south coast of England. From there, I moved to the north part of England graduated from the University of York...

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  • The Rev. Newt Carpenter


    I was born outside of New York City and spent most of my formative years along the eastern seaboard. After graduating college from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Political Science and International Studies...

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St. Mark's Staff

Church and Day School office staff

  • Kelli Schmidt

    Office Manager

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  • Maggie Sandford

    Day school Director

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  • Sheila Stadler

    Day School Asst Director

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  • Seth Luna

    Music Director & Organist

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  • Beth Bauer

    Director of Formation & Parish Life

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  • Mike Loring

    business manager

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The Vestry is an elected body of parishioners, headed by the rector, which conducts the business of the church and broadly oversees and leads the congregation in its ministries. 

  • David Eitel

    Senior Warden

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  • Betty Kilgore

    Junior Warden

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Vestry Members

Senior Warden - David Eitel

Junior Warden - Betty Kilgore

Carole Childers

Liz Davis

Glenn Engelhardt

Clerk - Mary Etherington

Linda Gray

Debra Hardsouk

Robert Mielke

David Morris

Kate Reed

Treasurer - Jill Meyer