"...do not light a lamp and then put it under a basket.  ...set it on a stand where it gives light to all in the house."  Matthew 5


When we ask you to share your vision for the future of St. Mark's we are seeking your "light".   How you see the future of our church should be shared with others who are seeking to understand what our goals should look like.  Please join us in our path of discernment."


Be sure to sign up for one of the following Cottage Meetings. The sign-up sheets are posted in the Parlor Lobby, or you can email your RSVP to Charlie Merwin at chasmerwin@aol.com.


Saturday, June 15, 10:00 am at St. Mark's

Tuesday, June 18, 7:00 pm at St. Mark's

Sunday, June 23, following the 9:15 am service at St. Mark's

Thursday, June 27, 7:00 pm at the Merwin's home in Barrington

Dates at the Garlands to be determined


We hope you will help us dream about the future of St. Mark's.