The Mission of St Mark's is... Putting God’s love into action within ourselves, our Church and our community through worship, service, and outreach one step at a time, one day at a time. 

Are you looking for answers to spiritual or faith questions? St Mark's provides a loving community in which to seek those answers, frame new questions and learn to experience God's all-encompassing, all-inclusive love for creation, which includes each and every one of us. 

We believe that Jesus showed us the nature of God as loving, compassionate and forgiving. Jesus invited everyone he met into a growing awareness that we are all part of God's loving participation in our world. The community of St Mark's fosters a connection with God and with each other through our mutual care, fellowship, worship and outreach. 

Please feel free to contact us for further information and if you decide to pay us a visit, we promise to make you welcome!

- David Gibbons, Rector

Moving into lent 2024

"Lent is the holy season of penitence in which we turn again to the Lord to reorient our lives in God’s ways rather than ours. On the personal level we are moving intentionally from the small self to the true or divine self and on the communal level we turn from the narrow interest of ourselves or our local group (our parochialism) to the needs of the whole community (nation or world).

We enter Lent on Ash Wednesday. Our services on that day reflect a dying to our self- dependence by the imposition of ashes. This medieval practice reflecting the ancient Hebrew ritual of covering the person in sackcloth and ashes (see the book of Job for example) is a symbolization of our ego death: a process that takes place through life with or without our consent. Our actions represent a conscious joining in with the divine process for us.

God is calling us to be aligned with the movement of God’s Spirit within us, leading us into greater wholeness and connectedness to the entirety of creation. This process begins with healing our wounds: we are invited to see our brokenness and to find healing balm for it. As we show compassion towards our own wounds, we move into compassion for the woundedness of others. We start to see that everyone is our brother and sister, and that all animals, plants, trees, rocks, the sun and moon and all celestial objects are part of God’s on-going work of creation.

I invite you into a holy Lent through our services and these resources. God bless you and surround you in love this season."

-Father David Gibbons


Winter '24


    • 12pm Eucharist with Ashing
    • 7pm Sung Eucharist with Ashing


    Held every 1st Sunday of the month at 10am Eucharist. 

    UPCOMING DATES: February 4th

  • 8am "Said" SERVICEs

    "Said Services" held every 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month at 8am.

    UPCOMING DATES: February 4th, February 18th


    Each Sunday at 10am, St. Marks holds an Episcopalian Eucharist as we come together to worship and celebrate our faith.

    Livestream available on our FaceBook page for those unavailable to come in person.

  • WORSHIP & Study

    Communion Service at the Garlands - Friday 2/2/24 at 3pm

    Bible Study at Prairieview in the Garlands - Thursday 2/8/24 at 10:30am

    Stations of the Cross - Wednesday 2/21/24 at 7pm

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